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High Performance (HP) LED Court Lighting System

LED lights are considered as one of the best sources of light in today’s world. Not only it has a longer life-span with longer operating hours and thus lower maintenance costs, it is also energy efficient which reduces electricity bills considerably. Led lights are thus the best choice for people who want to maintain their budget to a minimum in the long run. Song Cho has procured & aims to provide this energy-saving lighting to our customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & nearby Asia countries.

LED light technology was developed around the early 1960s. Today these lights have come a long way & can be found in wavelengths ranging from visible, infrared to ultraviolet. These lights are capable of adjusting both the intensity & colour to suit usage. It is environmentally friendly & does not contain hazardous substances such as mercury. 

When compared with radiant lights, LED lights consume less energy, last longer, are more durable and smaller in size. Led lights have no warm-up period which means that they light up instantly in nanoseconds which is suitable for tennis court since there is no waiting time required. LED tennis court lighting consumes less energy and has a substantially longer lamp life span. This reduces the need for replacement as well as maintenance cost; and minimizes disruption on play time. It has superior spill lights control – spill light is the light projecting beyond the court area that may annoy occupants in the neighbourhood. Therefore, superior spill light control is key to a harmonious environment. Many models also featured motion sensors to automatically turn the lights on & off; or they can be set at predetermined times manually. They can also be programmed for specific colours & how often they transit from one colour to the next.   

Song Cho has many retail branches which deliver LED products all across Singapore; we are also active in Malaysia & Indonesia too in supplying LED products. Our HP LED Court Lighting System is made in Singapore, SUD TUV PSB Singapore certified and awared the Singapore Good Design 2016. On top of the standard sales & delivery services, we provide a total solution package from site measurement, design configuration, proposition, fabrication, installation to maintenance. Drop us an email today.

EMAIL: LEDtenniscourt@songcho.com.sg


Light Comparison Between Traditional Light & Song-Cho LED Lighting
Video in the above link shows traditional lightings on the left Tennis Court having negative flickering effect & low/poor CRI (Color Rendering Index) that cause Eye Fatigue and poor visibility. The Song-Cho LED Sport Lightings on the right Tennis Court can provide illumination almost like the sun gives us and yet are healthy to the eyes.  Please pay attention to the video again, you will notice the stability and excellent quality of light that’s emitted from the Song-Cho LED Sport Lights on the right Tennis Court.



Photo shows total 3 visual color contrasts of 2 tennis courts at The Trillium Condo MCST 3692.

1st contrast (picture above) of both tennis courts under the sunlight.

2nd contrast (picture below left) of tennis court with traditional lightings that provide negative effects to our vision.

3rd contrast (picture below right) of tennis court with Song-Cho LED Sport Lightings that have the ability to reveal the colors of surrounding objects faithfully which is closer to the sunlight and healthy to our eyes.

  Song Cho Intl Sports Light Series  
    LED Court Lighting System
    Project Reference