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ROUGE Series

Energy saving and light-weight design.

  • Efficient (save up to 75% cooking time)
  • Safe (5 safety features)
  • Taste (maintain food natural taste and nutritient)
  • Silent (noise reduction pressure relief valve)
  • Economical (money, time and energy saving)

FIVE Safety Features:

  1. Safety Vavle (regulate pressure)
  2. Vent Filter (prevent food blockage)
  3. Safety Vent (addtional pressure release hole)
  4. Safety Lock (locks lid in place)
  5. Safety Gear (design to withstand extreme pressure)

Available in 5L and 8L.

8L Pressure Cooker (QWPCI208BF02) 
8L Pressure Cooker (QWPCI208BF02)  

8L Pressure Cooker

  • Vol: 8.0L
  • Height: 246mm
  • Width: 230mm (437mm from handle to handle)


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Name: Rouge Pressure Cooker (8L)
Dimension: 230W x 246H mm